Teacherkeepers Founder

  • I believe life can be lived both routinely and risky.

  • I believe rest (replenishment and restoration) is our personal responsibility and should happen daily.

  • I believe the ultimate act of kindness is the kindness you show your own head and your own heart.

  • I believe our time and energy should be invested in:

​          ​- the people we cherish (and the ones who

             cherish us)

          - the things we 'truly' care about

          - giving our attention to what we like and what

             adds meaning + value + joy to our everyday lives

          - cultivating the love and creating the experiences

             we want in our lives

  • I believe we show up for ourselves when we say YES    

       to what brings us joy and lights us up on the inside.

  • I believe the greatest way to honor your life is to figure

       out what matters most and lean your efforts in the

       direction of those people, places and things 











I am a veteran educator who adores classroom

teachers.  I am also a Milken Award winning

National Board Certified Teacher - life coach,

author and advocate for school staff wellbeing. 


My superpower is holding safe spaces for others to

explore and express what they believe about how they want their lives to look and feel - while equipping them with the tools necessary to live that life without

apologizing for it.

I am in love with sunrises and sunsets, coffee, the

solitude of my home, long drives in the

country, conversations that inspire me and the 

messages of peace and limitless potential I receive

when I stand near the ocean.


I am also in love with Johnny (my best friend and husband), Sinead and Hannah (my beautiful teenage

daughters) and LA (our playful Rottweiler puppy).

Hi - I'm Tunja Morton


Not much in this world matters.  It 'really' doesn't. 

But that which does matter - matters most.

- Mike Walters