Tunja L Morton

wellbeing coach. wife. teacher advocate. mom.

I help career professionals create a self-care plan that reduces the stress that comes from emotional dissatisfaction so they can enjoy a calm, relaxed life from the inside out.


            I am glad you're here.

A life that feels as good on the inside

as it looks on the outside

is cultivated in the safe spaces we create (daily) within our own lives to check and reflect on, respond to, reconnect with, renew and readjust (when necessary) ourselves.

This safe space becomes the container in which we investigate what is going well in our lives and what needs work while practicing inspired gratitude and resilience.

There is nothing to force.

There is nothing to fear.

There is nothing to fake.

Instead of life feeling phony, life is layered in fulfillment.


When we treat ourselves as essential and make room in our day to tend to and care for our own needs - we thrive; simultaneously creating lives we are thrilled to live and love.  

Waking up to a life you are thrilled to

live and love is to:

- unsubscribe from a

   way of living that

   encourages you to

   hide out in your own


- stop ignoring your

   need for emotional


- discontinue

   neglecting yourself in

   ways that leave you

   feeling tired, heavy

   and burned out

Waking up to a life you are thrilled to

live and love is to:

- know that your body

   and feelings are

   worth listening to

   (so you listen)

- refuse to settle for

   achieving publicly

   while being

   exhausted and

   depleted privately

- do something

   everyday that

   reflects your

   deepest values,

   wants and needs

Waking up to a life you are thrilled to

live and love is to

say with

clarity and courage:

- this is who I am 

- this is who I am not

- this is what I want

   and what matters

   most to me

- this is what I need

- this is where I am

   headed in life

- this is what I am

   leaving behind

I know this because I live this.

- I no longer live on


- I have trained my life

   to wake up each

   day reaching for

   what is good in my

   home, my heart and

   my head.

- I live (with intention)

   a life I am thrilled to

   live and love.

If this is the life you

   desire, then you

   can live this way too.

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