The Permission Project

Do you sometimes avoid yourself (what you value, truly care about and believe in) just to avoid making others feel uncomfortable? Has the anxiety you experience due to the lack of attention you give yourself become overwhelming? Are you ready to give YOU your undivided attention?

Your future self (a more relaxed, calmer and confident you) is not someone you will just stumble upon and discover.  Your future self is the person you decide to become. 


If you are tired of trying to fit into a life that does not feel like your own, you can give yourself permission to become someone new, different or better in The Permission Project.

The Permission Project is an on demand self-care course that helps you peacefully redesign, renovate or simply hit the reset button on creating a life that fits you and feels like yours.  


Inside of the Permission Project, you will customize a safe space inside of your life where you recover and discover what matters most to you then realign your time, energy, focus and efforts with those things.  This 10-day mini course is filled with tangible tools you can use to find the peace you seek and prioritize YOU.

Next Session:

January 2021

Beyond the Teacher's Lounge

Daily living that lacks personal and professional boundaries creates a life that moves us in a direction opposite of the best version of ourselves.  Setting healthy boundaries is the prerequisite for social and emotional development and the lever for educational equity.   

In this training series, participants will reconnect with their core values, learn to use their core values as boundary filters, and create steps towards integrating healthy boundaries as a part of their daily self-care routine. 

These workshops are ideal for educators who need additional resilience strategies focused on cultivating social-emotional harmony within while contributing to the social-emotional harmony of their school communities.

Next session:

February 2021