When no one's attention and affection feels as good as

the attention and affection you give to yourself;

that's when you know you are taking real good care of you.

Tunja L Morton


Our Vision

to create spaces where educators are seen (acknowledged), safe (respected as professionals) and supported (provided the tools necessary to foster self-leadership and cultivate positive professional relationships)

Our Story


As I reflect on the days when I started teaching 5th grade math in 1994 - I really wish there had been

(and would have mentally and emotionally benefited from) the location of safe spaces on campus - during the school day for conversations about real self care i.e., taking real good care of ME.

I remember all of the spaces created to exchange instructional best practices - staff meetings, professional development, PLCs and grade level team meetings - but there was never a deliberate space or time dedicated to the exploration and expression of best practices for personal wellbeing and self care.​

As a first year teacher - I needed to be given guidance on how and reminded to:

  • create a plan for my own mental and physical health while I was creating lesson plans with my grade level team 

  • carve out time to implement a morning routine that helped me ease into each new school day with a greater sense of calm and gratitude

  • care for and tend to my own needs as much as I was caring and tending to the needs of the students I served 

  • cultivate a way of living (outside of school hours) that made life feel lighter and more relaxed

  • collaborate with coworkers to build a great teaching career and build a life outside of that teaching career that was loaded with meaning and fulfillment.

I needed my school and district administrators to communicate to me that my personal success mattered just as much as the academic success of my students did.

Research shows that the best way to communicate to people that their

needs matter is to care for them.

Care for who they are...

Care about what makes them unique...

Care about what they value...

It's not soft.  It's science.

Ready to redesign and transform the way your school, organization or district

gathers for conversations about self-care and personal wellbeing? 

Need training on how to make these spaces safe?

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